Investment Management

client-centered investing

HSCM takes a client-centered approach to developing an investment strategy for you with a focus on determining an appropriate asset allocation to help achieve your financial goals.  Portfolios are structured based on your investment objectives, time horizon, cash flow, restrictions, and risk profile. Our success is measured by how well you achieve your investment objectives.


We believe the most effective method to manage money through good markets and bad is diversification.

  • The first diversification is determined through the appropriate asset allocation which consists of two components. The "strategic asset allocation" is your long term strategy, and the "tactical asset allocation" is a range that allows us to make tactical, short term moves based on market conditions.
  • The second level of diversification is through the selection of investments in a variety of no-load or load-waived mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and individual bonds.  We have the ability to use both active and passive investments strategies depending on client preference and the current market.


We understand that no portfolio manager will be the top performer year after year. Asset classes, investment styles, and market sectors will go in and out of favor. We research and then combine top quality money managers in varying disciplines, styles, and portfolio weightings.  We are able to construct stable and diversified portfolios to weather most market conditions.


We provide comprehensive quarterly performance reports so that you can easily see the progress of your investments (net of our fees) in one simple sheet.  You will see the beginning value along with how your account has changed over time.  We also provide a comparison to unmanaged market indexes along with your asset allocation, account details and a quarterly bill.  In addition, you'll receive customary brokerage reports from Schwab Institutional.