Our Services

What We Do

HSCM offers discretionary investment management services to individuals for their investment portfolios, trust accounts, retirement accounts, pension or profit sharing plans, charitable organizations, and small businesses.  In addition, we provide financial planning and consulting services to our clients.


Before taking a journey, you need to know where you are and where you're going. Our process begins by providing you with a personalized website, creating a real-time financial dashboard.  This dashboard includes your assets, liabilities, income and expenses and provides a starting point for where you are today.  Next we'll set goals for your future and plan out how best to achieve those goals.  Our software easily models decisions you are considering, as well as recommendations we are making, charting out how each decision affects your future. 


Next, we develop an investment strategy to help you meet your objectives that fit your time horizon and appetite for market volatility.  Client portfolios span the spectrum from the most aggressive to the most conservative, from clients with long time horizons seeking to maximize growth and are comfortable with market fluctuations to conservative clients seeking to preserve their wealth with limited anxiety. After clearly understanding your financial profile, we construct an investment portfolio appropriate for you and begin the management of your funds.


We then provide you with ongoing discretionary management of your portfolio, making changes to the individual investments and tactical changes to the asset allocation as market conditions warrant.  As your personal circumstances and needs change -- college funding, retirement, major purchases, inheritance, marriage, divorce -- we review your strategy with you  and make adjustments as necessary.